The Importance Of Organic Carpet Cleaning, Mission Viejo Carpet and Tile Cleaning

The Importance Of Organic Carpet Cleaning, Mission Viejo Carpet and Tile Cleaning

The benefits of carpet cleaning are no longer a secret to anybody. Throughout the months, dust, bacteria and other debris can gather in our carpets and they can wreak havoc on our health, if we do not do something about it. In a nutshell, there are two types of carpet cleaning: organic, using only certified products that do not affect your health or the quality of the carpets, and non-organic cleaning, which typically relies on the use of chemicals and synthetic products that produce toxic smokes. These toxic cleaning products not only affect your health, but they also affect the surrounding environment whenever the cleaners are rinsed from the carpet. That being said, here is a brief overview of Mission Viejo organic carpet cleaning and its most important benefits:

1. Free Of Hazardous Compounds

The first and most notable benefit of organic carpet cleaning is the fact that these cleaning solutions do not contain silicone, alcohol from crude oil, butyl, phenols, chlorine, TEA, EDTA, MED or any other type of hazardous compound. In addition to the fact that you can inhale these compounds, which can lead to a variety of respiratory conditions, the substance can also be ingested by toddlers or pets who tend to crawl on the floor or lick the carpets. All of these compounds are known to be carcinogens, and they significantly increase the risk of developing cancer in the long haul.

2. Organic Cleaning Is Animal-Friendly And Environmentally-Safe

Unlike most of the other cleaning products that contain toxic compounds, the organic carpet cleaning solutions are never tested on animals and they contain environmentally safe compounds In other words, these products will not harm the plants, nature and animals once they reach the landfill, and they are tested in different commercial, residential and industrial settings rather than being tested on animals. Besides this, the products are also contaminant-free, thus making them the safest products of their kind available on the market.

3. Lower Risk For Allergies

One of the main problems of toxic carpet cleaners is the fact that they come with very strong odors that can not only worsen your existing chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma, but also trigger a severe allergic reaction. Fortunately, organic cleaning products such as Mission Viejo carpet cleaning come with zero drying time and carry very low risks for such unpleasant situation, as they are usually fragrance-free. Even so, they do not have a bad smell and they are at least as efficient as the traditional products, in terms of carpet cleaning.


To sum it all up, Mission Viejo Carpet Cleaning, Mission Viejo, CA only organic carpet cleaning is undoubtedly the best choice if you care about the health of your family and you want to clean your carpets in a safe, efficient, hassle-free and environmentally-conscious manner.

Shower Tiles 101, Mission Viejo, CA

Shower Tiles 101, Mission Viejo, CA

Showers are one of the most common areas where home owners elect to install wall tiles. Shower tiles are a great way to enhance your bathroom’s décor – there are endless creative possibilities – and protect the shower wall surface from the damaging effects of continual moisture and heat. There are a lot of choices for shower wall tiling, and the shower tiles you select will ultimately depend on budget, creative and durability requirements. Here are some quick shower tiling tips to help you get started on your project:

Renovation novices take note and avoid a costly and time-consuming mistake: make absolutely sure that you purchase wall tiles for your shower wall. Although they might look similar, wall tiles and floor tiles are not the same thing, and they cannot be used interchangeably in most cases – floor tiles are generally too heavy to correctly adhere to a wall.

  • Decide on a budget, and pick a tile material that will allow you to achieve your design of choice while staying within it. Shower wall tiles are usually made of ceramic, marble, stone, glass or porcelain, and run anywhere from $2 to $25+ per square foot. Marble is another option, but not recommended for heavily used showers because it’s too soft and absorbent.

  • Durability is also an issue in your shower tile decision. How durable your shower tiles need to be depends on traffic. You may not need to worry about durability when you are tiling the shower in a seldom used guest bathroom, but in a master bathroom, where the shower is subject to daily moisture and heat, durability is an important consideration. Glazed ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles generally stand up to heavy use better than other varieties. Correct installation and care also determine how long your shower tiles last. Using appropriate, high-quality tiles can’t make up for shoddy installation and neglect.

  • Some shower tile types and sizes require more maintenance. If you want something you can easily wipe down and forget about, go with glazed ceramic tiles. These tiles are probably the easiest to maintain in terms of time and effort spent. Stone is also a durable choice that can stand up to daily wear-and-tell well and without a lot of fuss on your part, but make sure to seal and re-seal a stone tile surface as necessary – failure to do so could result in a stained and crumbling mess as the surface becomes porous. The size of your tiles also determines maintenance needs. Installing smaller tiles will create more grout lines to keep clean.

  • And now for the fun part: design and color. How do you want your shower walls to look? Mint green subway tiles? Mosaic? An Tile Replacement mage? Now is the time to Tile Replacement get inspired and be as creative as you want to be – it’s your space, after all. There are, however, a few constraints in addition to budget that you should be aware of. If you’re planning on redecorating the bathroom periodically and want your tiles to consistently work with your changing décor, avoid trendy designs and colors and go with something classic and neutral in hue. This is also important if you’re going to be selling your home in the near future. Potential buyers will have an easier time imagining the room as their own if it shows no signs of your personal creative flair (as great as it might be!). Also, repeating designs are a popular choice for tiled shower walls, but make sure that your wall is large enough to accommodate your pattern and tiles of choice. If not, rethink your tile size. You always have the option of creating the same repeating design with smaller tiles. Planning is key here. Don’t get halfway through the project only to find that a part of your repeating design has been cut off due to lack of space.

Take your first step toward creating a beautiful bathroom, and contact Mission Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Mission Viejo today for a free consultation. Our tile and grout experts would be happy to give you shower tiling tips and answer any of your questions about tiling your shower, bathroom or any other space within your home. Call now!

Mission Viejo’s BEST CARPET CLEANING, Mission Viejo, CA

Mission Viejo’s BEST CARPET CLEANING, Mission Viejo, CA

Mission Carpet and Tile Cleaning is the highest rated and most reviewed carpet cleaning company on Yelp and Google! Many people believe that Mission is Mission Viejo, CA Best Carpet Cleaning Company. What makes Mission stand out above the rest? We believe that customer service is the vehicle that has propelled our success. Great customer service starts by hiring extraordinary people that really enjoy their work. In addition to the best people in the world working for Mission, we purchase state- of-the-art steam cleaning equipment, which serves Mission Viejo carpet cleaning customers better than the cheap discount companies that cut corners at every opportunity. You can expect to be greeted by some of the nicest human beings in the world. Once you schedule your appointment, you can expect a confirmation email shortly thereafter. When your technician arrives you will be pleasantly surprised that you actually want him to come into your home, unlike many servicemen that you feel guarded and apprehensive to enter your palace, you’ll be thrilled to meet our friendly carpet cleaning technicians! You’ll see that we take extraordinary care…we use a door guard to keep the Mission Viejo heat out and your pets safely inside. Mission’s technician’s use corner guards to protect your walls from being damaged my our industrial hoses. Moreover, unlike many carpet cleaning companies, Mission does not charge extra for moving furniture, extra soiled carpet, and most stains. Our attention to detail will really impress you. Our best Mission Viejo carpet cleaning customers understand the value of great service, which includes utilizing organic products whenever possible. To protect the environment we have done away with paper invoicing and only use electronic mail, all technicians are armed with the Ipad to update work orders and send paid invoices once work is completed. Give us a try, you’ll be thrilled you did!




For more than 30 years, Mission Carpet Cleaners has provided expert carpet cleaning to customers in Mission Viejo and the greater Orange County, CA area. We’ve successfully completed thousands of upholstery projects, so we think we’re qualified to provide our many loyal customers with expert tips for upholstery cleaning.

Without further ado, here are four things you can do to ensure your upholstery looks pristine year-round.


Whenever something spills on your couch, loveseat, etc. it’s critical that you take care of it post-haste. Grab a paper towel or clean white cloth and blot (don’t rub) the spill, working from the outside to the center. Rubbing a spill could make the stain bigger, an effect known in the upholstery biz as “blossoming”. Keep blotting until the stain is completely dry. Also, be sure not to over-wet the upholstery, as this could not only enlarge the stain but also dampen the padding beneath the cover, leading to mold or mildew.


A pinch of prevention is worth an ounce of cure, and most things can be kept looking good (upholstery, floors, your car) with regular cleanings. Every week, pull out your vacuum, engage the upholstery attachment, and vacuum your soft furnishings. Of particular use is the angle-tipped “crevice tool” – if your vacuum comes with one of these, it’s perfect for cleaning folds and creases where dirt and crud collect. We also recommend taking your cushions outside once a month and hand-beating them. This keeps dust from getting too comfortable within the cushion fibers. When you’re done, flip the cushion before putting it back – this helps maintain even wear on both sides.


Home furnishings often constitute a significant investment – and like any investment, you want to keep it well-protected. To this end, consider buying and applying a professional-grade upholstery protector. These products don’t guarantee 100 percent protection, but they will drastically reduce the chances of permanent damage from spills and discoloration. Our upholstery cleaning experts are happy to provide you with a quote for this service, and talk further with you about the cleaning products we recommend.


Just like your body benefits from a yearly massage, your upholstery will benefit from a yearly deep-cleaning treatment. If your cushion covers are removable and machine-washable, throw them in the washing machine and put the water setting on cold. To prevent fading, turn the covers inside-out before washing. If your covers are “dry-clean only”, or are particularly dusty/dirty, we recommend having them professionally cleaned. This is the best way to ensure everything is cleaned thoroughly and correctly, especially when dealing with big spills that may be even larger in the padding beneath the cover.



Ignorance is not always bliss. If you have no idea how dirty your carpets are, then read this article right now. Dirty floors create nasty environments in homes and can lead to health problems as well as cause permanent damage to your carpet. Below is a horrid description of some of the most common destructive elements that lie within the fibers of your carpet.


We all know that microscopic life forms are everywhere. They thrive in our food, bed linens, and even in our bodies. But they also set up camp in our carpets. What critters are we talking about? They’re scientifically referred to as arthropods. There are roughly 150 species of these home invaders, and they don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Beyond the common culprits such as spiders, ants, and flies, you’ll also find thousands of dust mites, fleas, carpet beetles, tiny cockroaches, and numerous other multi-legged creatures. Although many of them are harmless, some can cause allergies, sinus infections, and other diseases.


If you notice black spots on your carpet or baseboards, there’s a good chance that mold is festering throughout your walls and underneath the carpet layer. Mold almost always goes into James Bond mode and creeps along your floors and walls behind the scenes. By the time you notice the mold, it’s already spread throughout the carpet. Mold can cause breathing problems and aggravate asthma. Mold is easy is to kill, but it needs to be removed by a professional who can inspect the inside of your walls and the flooring below the carpet.


Both children and adults alike allow food, drink, and crumbs to hit the floor while eating in almost every room in the house. Drinks can cause moist carpets to attract mold and algae. Crumbs attract bugs and other tiny creatures that go unnoticed. Food and drink can leave permanent stains on carpets if not treated immediately. The best household policy is minimizing the amount of eating that occurs outside the kitchen or dining area. Less food equals fewer stains and few pests.


Mud, dirt, sand, and dust are added and embedded into your carpet almost daily. Unless you step on the floor with extremely muddy boots, you’ll never notice the stains on the carpet. The reason for this is because the carpet slowly gets dirty of a long period. Most homeowners don’t realize how dirty the carpet is until they have their floors professionally cleaned and see the difference.

Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise with Carpet!, Mission Viejo, CA

Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise with Carpet!, Mission Viejo, CA

Carpet is a great way to decorate your residence or place of business because of the textures, colors and patterns available. Not only does carpet look good, but it provides many benefits. Carpet’s insulation can provide increased energy savings. Carpet absorbs sound, making a house quieter and more relaxing and it’s safer, reducing the occurrence of slips and falls.

Did you know that carpet is economical requiring little maintenance and it’s good for your health too!

Little Maintenance Required

Carpet requires less maintenance than hard surface floors such as hardwood, vinyl and tile. Typically your carpet only requires routine vacuuming and prompt attention to spills in between professional cleanings. By contrast, hard surface floors require sealers, waxes and polishes to keep clean, not to mention the time it takes to sweep and mop.While it is true that hard surface floors are easier to clean in the event of a liquid spill, properly maintained modern carpeting has protectors such as 3M Scotchgard and DuPont Teflon which helps them clean-up well.

Carpet is Good for Your Health Too!

Carpet that is properly maintained actually improves indoor air quality. How? Carpet acts as a filter, trapping pollutants such as dust, pollen, dander, smoke, and dust mite contamination as air passes through it. Carpet acts as a “sink” trapping pollutants, instead of allowing them to be distributed up into the breathing zone. The result? Homes and buildings with properly maintained carpets have better air quality in the “breathing zone” than those with other flooring types. So, as these contaminants build-up in the carpet, they simply must be removed by professional cleaning. This creates a cycle of cleanliness.

So to reap the financial and health benefits of your carpet, give Mission Carpet/Upholstery/Tile Cleaning a call for proper maintenance and periodic, professional cleaning.

3 Basics of Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Company, Mission Viejo, CA

3 Basics of Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Company, Mission Viejo, CA

Cleanliness is not a choice. It has become a necessity in today’s times. Look around you and you will notice pollution and suspended particulate matter and all kinds of allergies making it difficult to live life normally. If you reside in the city of Mission Viejo, CA, you know very well how hard it is to maintain a home or an office for that matter. One of the most crucial tasks most of us face is carpet cleaning. Understand that choosing the right and a high-quality carpet cleaning service in the Mission Viejo would require some research. Lured in by the lowest price? Remember, discounts are not always what they seem.

Living in such a busy city, you must have across numerous carpet cleaning companies who claim to make your carpets, and mats impeccably clean but then a single pat of the hand later makes all of those claims fly off with the dust that still remains clogged in those rugs. Don’t be hasty in making this decision. What all should you be looking for in a Carpet Cleaning Mission Viejo services, let’s find out:

1. The Cleaning Process

No matter whether you are an entrepreneur in the city or a homeowner in the suburban area; you will come across several options for carpet cleaning companies. But only you can decide what methods suit your needs the best. Your decision will thus largely depend on the fact if these methods are available with the company in question.

2. Convenience

It also boils down to the one thing that your premises will have to handle and that is the mess that the whole cleaning process will create. While there are many carpet cleaning companies in the city that claim zero mess or no hassle maintenance at your convenience but only a few actually deliver. It is also because of the method used and therefore before you pick out one company for your home or office do pay attention to whether they offer wet, dry or steam cleaning options.

3. Never Compromise on Safety

Now you must be aware that some cleaning treatments or processes make use of certain strong and powerful cleaning agents and chemicals. Some of them might even involve making vapors of those chemicals to ensure as little a mess as possible and get done with the process in a matter of a few minutes. These might deliver quick results but they are not environmentally friendly. Considering that we want our surroundings to always be clean, going the synthetic or chemical way would defeat the purpose, don’t you think? Therefore, you should also make sure that the cleaning processes rely on the power of steam, or use safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products at all times. You want to choose a carpet cleaning company that keeps the safety and health of your kids and family and that of your office associates and employees on top of everything else.

Don’t Believe These 6 Things About Carpet Cleaning Services, Mission Viejo, CA

Don’t Believe These 6 Things About Carpet Cleaning Services, Mission Viejo, CA

At Mission Carpet and Tile Cleaning we know that getting professional carpet cleaning services is a great way to make your home look warm and inviting.  We also know that keeping carpeting clean and looking great requires some work.  If you have carpeting in your home or office, there are some things you may have heard about carpet maintenance that you shouldn’t believe:

1 – Steam Cleaning Ruins Carpeting

While it may seem counterintuitive that saturating your carpeting with water is a good idea, the fact is that steaming hot water kills germs and softens dirt and grime.  The extraction process that pulls the water back out of your carpeting ensures that the loose dirt and dead bugs are efficiently removed and carried away.  When the extraction is done correctly, as it is by our Mission carpet cleaning services in  Mission Viejo, CA there is very little moisture left in your carpeting.  When almost all of the water is extracted, mold and mildew that can ruin carpeting won’t form.

2 – Carpets That Look Good Don’t Need Cleaning

Just because your carpeting looks clean (and that includes new carpeting), that doesn’t mean you don’t need to get regular, professional carpet cleaning.  Much of the dirt you, your family and pets deposit on your carpeting falls down into the fibers, where it can abrade them and shorten the life of your carpeting.  

3 – Carpet Deodorizers Keep Carpets Clean

Sprinkle-on carpet deodorizers don’t do anything but mask odors from stains and dirt; and they’re actually not very good at doing that.  In addition, powdery deodorizer float into the air you breathe and it settles into your carpeting (even after vacuuming), where it can act as an abrasive on your carpet’s fibers.

4 – It’s Possible To Vacuum Too Much

Vacuuming is a thankless task and one that no one wants to do more than is absolutely necessary; but the fact is that vacuuming often is best for your carpeting.  The sad truth is that you can never vacuum too much.

5 – Renting A Steam Cleaning Machine Is A Good Idea

There are so many things that can go wrong with a rental carpet cleaning machine; but the biggest problem is water.  Rental machines are good at soaking carpeting but not very good at extracting the water, which can result in extended carpet drying times and the eventual growth of mold and mildew that are hazardous to the health of people and pets.

6 – Carpeting Is Bad For Allergies

While you may think that hard flooring like laminate or tile are best at keeping allergens out of your home, the truth is that carpeting traps allergens and keeps them from floating around your home; and regular vacuuming removes them.  

What To Do After Your Stone Floor Service, Mission Viejo, CA

What To Do After Your Stone Floor Service, Mission Viejo, CA

What To Do After Your Stone Floor Service Now that your STONE FLOORS are clean, here are a few important things to keep in mind.

The floor should be dry when you first walk on it, but do be cautious until you are sure the floor is completely dry.

If your floor was sealed, do not wear shoes for 24 hours and be extra cautious with spills. Most sealers will be dry quickly but take 72 hours to fully cure. Do not replace area rugs for 72 hours to allow sealer to dry and cure.

If we left further specific instruction, please follow those instructions.

Your stone should be spot cleaned as soon as spills happen or are noticed. Many foods and soils can etch or scratch stone.

Your stone floor should be mopped regularly. How often is up to you, but mop before you notice soil build up. We encourage our customers to mop with a neutral pH daily floor cleaner, preferably one specifically for stone. Follow the directions carefully. For best results, dry the floor with towels to discourage haze and water buildup.

Call Us: If you have any questions or notice any areas of concern, please call us as soon as possible. We are here to help!

10 tips to maintain your carpet like an expert!, Mission Viejo, CA

10 tips to maintain your carpet like an expert!, Mission Viejo, CA


Want to know how we would keep our carpets looking new and fresh? Here are ten tips that really make your carpet stay in great shape. It’s not as hard as you think.

  1. Vacuum often, vacuum right

A clean carpet begins with vacuuming regularly. That means more than just running a Hoover over the carpet once or twice a month. Use the crevice attachments to get dirt and dust from around the room. Vacuum the entire space horizontally, and then again vertically. The more times you run it over the surface, the more dirt it removes.

Don’t let the bag get more than half full or it won’t work as efficiently. It’s also not a race. Vacuum slowly so it has the chance to pick up all the dirt embedded below the surface to the carpet. Finally, adjust the height, so it works just right for your floor.

  1. An extra layer helps your carpet go the extra mile

Those high foot traffic areas in your home take a beating on a daily basis. Consider laying down a decorative rug to prevent premature wear on your carpet. Area rugs are a great way to brighten a room and display your unique style. They can also help you cover up a worn spot and prolong your need to install a new carpet.

Heavier rugs are less likely to bunch and create tripping hazards. Using a carpet pad can also help keep your new rug in place.

  1. Have a spill? Clean it quick.

Time is crucial when it comes to cleaning up a mess. Don’t waste a minute when something spills onto your carpet. The secret is to dab, not scrub. Rubbing the spill just pushes the particles down further into the carpet threads. Each type of mess requires a different strategy. Know what works best for your current problem. It might be hydrogen peroxide, dish soap or other types of cleaning supplies. We also share our strategies to help you attack the most stubborn stains.

  1. Wipe your feet and take off those shoes

Take your shoes off at the door. Any dirt trapped in the sole of your shoes will be ground into the fibers of your carpet. Your shoes can also be very abrasive and breakdown the surface. Furthermore, shoes pick up all sorts of different substances that you certainly don’t want in your home and stuck in your carpet.

  1. Conduct the occasional room redesign

Plush carpets are great for filling a room with warmth and comfort. However, when you move your sofa after a few years, the damage is done. Rearranging a room takes time, effort and planning, but it protects your carpet from indentations that are impossible to remove. Rugs can also help with any major dents from heavy furniture.

  1. Stretch it out.

In addition to being unsightly, those ripples in the carpet can limit the lifespan of the surface. Humidity, moving heavy furniture or even an incorrect installation can cause your carpet to buckle. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. In fact, it will only get worse over time and may lead to your carpet creasing. The good news is Mission Viejo can stretch it back out. into place.  Have questions about this process? We can answer them. (linking back to stretching blog).

  1. Apply stain resistant products

No surface is truly stain resistant, but some products can help you clean up messes a bit easier. Some carpets are created to be stain resistant, but that factory protection diminishes over time and especially in the traffic areas.  There are also protectants, which can be applied to all carpets at any time. for regular carpets. Carpet protectors like Scotchgard help prevent dirt and liquids from absorbing into the fibers as quickly. It can also prevent fading from sunlight. This is a good option to help you prevent long term damage to your carpet.

  1. Install curtains or blinds

We are in the midst of a hot summer, and the sunlight can do more than just warm up your house. The carpet may be your favorite color, but those UV rays can cause it to fade in splotchy areas around your windows. Install curtains that block the sunlight during the morning and evening hours to protect the surface from direct light. You can also use window tinting that blocks any UV rays.

  1. Change out the air filters

The fibers in your carpet grab all the dust and dirt near it. If your air filter isn’t working efficiently, then your carpet will work overtime. That means it is bad for your air quality and your carpet. Change your air filters often to keep dust and dirt out of your floor.

  1. Take time for a deep clean or just call us!

Nothing quite does the job like a good deep clean. It is possible to rent equipment and do the job yourself, but hiring a professional has its perks. Our experience and superior equipment makes our cleaning ability much greater. We treat your carpet like our carpet every time we visit.